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Mixed Experiences with the “Hybrid” Plan

I’ll be the first to say that for most students, distance learning can’t replace a great in-person experience. Pure distance-learning is suboptimal. Sal Khan, I Started Khan Academy. We Can Still Avoid an Education Catastrophe. Sal points out 3 shortcomings of distance learning: Kids don’t get the social-emotional experiences that […]

Betty Friedan Was Right

Today marks exactly 6 months since our local public schools closed. The last time Adam and I logged this many active parenting hours — no childcare, no school, no extracurricular activities — was when our children were babies and we were on parental leave. It’s made me think about how […]

Lost Trust in the Teachers Union

I was raised by politically liberal Boomer parents (anti-Vietnam, “Clean for Gene,” and all that). Until his dying day, my father insisted that Jimmy Carter was the greatest U.S. president of his lifetime. My mother now drives around with an anti-Trump “Not My President” bumper sticker on her car. My […]

Why My Kids Are Learning Formal Grammar

I don’t remember having formal grammar instruction in school. I definitely never diagrammed a sentence. I guess I abstracted grammatical principles from the books I read and the educated, native English speakers who comprised my social world. That, and my parents corrected my grammar. (“Hey Dad, can I…?” “May I.” […]

My 4-Year-Old Needs Preschool

Today, Zachary became the first child in our family to return to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zachary’s first foray into a formal early learning program was when he started preschool last year, in September 2019. (He was home until just after his 3rd birthday — 4 months with a […]