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What’s Shainkeit?

Shainkeit is a Yiddish pun. Our last name is a Yiddish word, shain (שײן), which comes from the German schön, meaning “pretty” or “kindly” (as in danke schön, “thank you kindly”). It translates as “beauty” but is also how you would say “Shain-ness” in Yiddish.

Shainkeit is a blog trying to capture this moment in time, as we educate our four children at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Disclaimer: Adam is a member of our local school committee. He posts on this blog as an individual, not an official district spokesperson, and he will not express his opinion on matters within the school committee’s jurisdiction. Michelle’s opinions are her own, and she expresses them freely. As the Reverend Robert C. Dodds said, “The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.” 😏