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Homeschooling v. “Hybrid” Plan, According to the Kids

I interviewed David and Elizabeth about their thoughts on homeschooling v. the public school’s “hybrid” plan, now that they’ve experienced both.

Clearly, the “hybrid” plan has its downsides. On in-person days, the COVID-19 safety protocols — wearing masks, keeping 6′ away from others, constantly washing hands — are hard. On remote days, it’s hard to focus, it’s lonely, and there are technical difficulties. Contact with friends is limited. And David thinks 80-minute classes are much too long (I agree).

As for homeschooling, they were comfortable at home, and they liked having a flexible schedule and variety in their days. But apparently, Adam is not a “professional” teacher 😂, and Elizabeth in particular wants more clarity and organization. David seems unsure whether he’d learn more homeschooling or in the “hybrid” plan. And Elizabeth wants time with her friends, which she’s not going to get at home.

She wants to stay in public school. He would prefer to homeschool. This isn’t their decision, but their preferences are a big part of our decision. To be continued…

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