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Why My Kids Are Learning Formal Grammar

I don’t remember having formal grammar instruction in school. I definitely never diagrammed a sentence. I guess I abstracted grammatical principles from the books I read and the educated, native English speakers who comprised my social world. That, and my parents corrected my grammar. (“Hey Dad, can I…?” “May I.” […]

Ancient Mesopotamia

This week in History and Literature, we studied the first civilizations: Sumer and Akkad (5000-1600 BCE). After reading the appropriate page in our Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, David and Elizabeth created the timeline that they will fill in with important people, events, and civilizations over the course of the year. It’s […]

What Should a 6th Grader Be Writing?

David learned to read quickly, easily, and early. He has been a voracious reader since he discovered The Magic Tree House series in kindergarten, and over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s been blowing through at least a dozen novels a week. At the same time, he’s never liked […]